Significant Dates in the Badi Calendar

Significant Dates in the Baha’i Calendar 175B.E. (2018-19)


The Bahá’í calendar, also called the Badí‘ calendar (badí‘ means wondrous or unique), is a solar calendar with years composed of 19 months of 19 days each (361 days) plus an extra period of “Intercalary Days”. Years begin at Naw-Rúz, on the vernal equinox, coinciding with March 20 or 21.


The first year is dated from 21 March 1844 CE, the year during which the Báb proclaimed his religion. Years are annotated with the date notation of BE (Bahá’í Era),

The year 175 BE started at the moment of the vernal equinox in March 2018, meaning that it falls on 21 March 2018.


 Month  Gregorian Month Bahá’í Month Arabic Script Baha’i Dates
19 1-Mar-17 1 ‘Alá’/Loftiness  علاء Feast
  1,19-Mar 1–19th ‘Alá’   Month of Fasting
1 20-Mar 1 Bahá/Splendor بهاء Feast
2 8-Apr 1 Jalál/Glory جلال Feast
  20-Apr 13th Jalál   First Day of Riḍván 
3 27-Apr 1 Jamál/Beauty جمال Feast
  28-Apr 2nd Jamál   Ninth Day of Riḍván
  1-May 5th Jamál   Twelfth Day of Riḍván
4 16-May 1 ‘Azamat/Grandeur عظمة Feast
  23-May 8th ‘Azamat   Declaration of the Báb
  28-May 13th ‘Azamat   Ascension of Bahá’u’lláh 
5 4-Jun 1 Núr/Light نور Feast
6 23-Jun 1 Rahmat/Mercy رحمة Feast
  9-Jul 17th Raḥmat   Martyrdom of the Báb
7 12-Jul 1 Kalimát/Words كلمات Feast
8 31-Jul 1 Kamál/Perfection كمال Feast
9 19-Aug 1 Asmá’/Names اسماء Feast
10 7-Sep 1 ‘Izzat/Might عزة Feast
11 26-Sep 1 Mashíyyat/Will مشية Feast
12 15-Oct 1 ‘Ilm/Knowledge علم Feast
  21, 22-Oct 7, 8th ‘Ilm   The Birth of the Báb and The Birth of Bahá’u’lláh
13 3-Nov 1 Qudrat/Power قدرة Feast
14 22-Nov 1 Qawl/Speech قول Feast
  25-Nov 4th Qawl   Day of the Covenant
  27-Nov 6th Qawl   Ascension of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá
15 11-Dec 1 Masá’il/Questions مسائل Feast
16 30-Dec 1 Sharaf/Honor شرف Feast
17 18-Jan-18 1 Sultán/Sovereignty سلطان Feast
18 6-Feb 1 Mulk/Dominion ملك Feast
  25-Feb/1-Mar 8-12th Sultán   Ayyám-i-Há
    End of Year 174B.E.    
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