Prayer and Physical Reality – by Iain Palin

                                                         courtesy of Restless Pilgrim


Prayer and Physical Reality by Iain Palin
For those who believe that there is a God and that He does in some way relate to how the physical world operates there are two basic approaches for this process: Primary and Secondary Causation.
In Primary Causation things happen because He made them happen, directly, then and there. There are concerns to this: it means that one can never be sure that the way things operate yesterday even at the most basic level will be the way they happen tomorrow, it disempowers those seeking to understand and operate within the laws of the Universe (because there aren’t any in this scenario), placing people at the mercy of a capricious deity, and it gives a direct but brutal answer to the eternal question of “why does evil happen?” namely that “God did it – all of it”. Read more

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