SUNFLOWER SEED – Poem by Tricia Hague-Barrett


Once innocent, pure and shut in my shell
Too small to look after myself quite so well
I could only but dream of coming right out
Not even knowing how to grow into a sprout
I cannot myself grow up at this stage
And at the same time come out of my cage
Let alone how to reach my crown to the sky
Not knowing how, by what means, not even why
Who will care for me, water me and nourish
How can I grow up and how do I flourish
The power to do this will always remain
In the hands of “the Lord of the Frequented Fane”
The “Source of all Causes” has me in His sight
and He sees my needs and with pure Delight

His gift of the rain doth provide me my needs
Now it’s for me to grow out of the weeds
My roots will gradually grow and I will stand strong
I am in the right place, and to Him, I belong
He shapes me, He guides me, He nourishes this one
As my stem pushes my crown upwards to the Sun
I am dressed  in my best attire at this time of year
And if you listen to my whisper, you just might hear. . .

 “Strengthening myself, I will learn about life, and eventually I will be the one to s..u..r..v..i..v..e.”

(Inspired by the Baha’i Sacred Writings)

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