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The Baha’i Framework for Reality :  

Published on Dec 6, 2013

Short Biography: John S. Hatcher holds a BA and MA in English Literature from Vanderbilt University and a PhD in English literature from the University of Georgia. He is the director of graduate studies in English literature at the University of South Florida, Tampa. A widely published poet and distinguished lecturer, he has written numerous books on literature, philosophy, and Baha’i theology and scripture. He and his family live on a farm near Plant City, Florida.
This topic is based on a book in progress. People should come with any major questions they have about reality: How did creation begin. Will creation end. When does human life begin? Will we have individual identity in the afterlife? Will we retain any gender distinction in the afterlife? Is there any rational or systematic explanation for human history? Was there a Big Bang? Is there a God particle? Are there two realities—a metaphysical and a physical reality—or are these two dimensions of a single reality? Will we ever enter the Presence of God in the afterlife? Should we pray directly to God or should we pray to God through the Manifestations? Is there any difference between prayer and meditation or reflection? Will science and religion ever become reconciled? If so, how will this happen? Can our metaphysical powers have an effect on physical reality?


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