The Mission of the Prophets: Their Unique Contribution to the Ever-Unfolding Faith of God – by Tricia Hague-Barrett

1000 Suns -by Tricia Hague Barrett

We are so excited to make available this informative and educational  powerpoint presentation by Tricia Hague-Barrett. 

Tricia shares, “I was recently invited by our community to give a short talk about the “Differences between other Religions and The Bahá’í Faith” at the Feast. It has grown, and will continue growing as other thoughts come to mind.  I invite you to share this presentation with others, adding your own material to suit your audience.  If you do utilize it, please feel free to share the feedback you obtain along with other information you found. “


View the PDF presentation here: The Mission of the Prophets.pdf


A special thank you to Lynette Slaman-Garcia, Publisher of All Things Baha’i blog and Joel Smith, Prophecy Fulfilled webpage.  

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