LIARS, STORY TELLERS, and GOSSIPS – A Poem By Tricia Hague-Barrett


Stories are told, gossips abound,
backbiting is seen as fun.
Stories unfold, often retold,
embellished on the run.


Bolder than brass, always the cause
of friction and reputation!
The liar is one who often talks
with very little hesitation.


Blind to the fact it’s them who cause,
all the pain and the sorrow.
Revealing themselves to others, of course,
who dismiss them in their horror.


Gossip is evil, contrasted with truth!
revealing its malicious intent!
Wishing to punish others for something
they didn’t even invent.


Stop it my kin! before you find,
the stories backfire on you.
Causing you pain and much sorrow
as you yourself get sued.  


You’ll be talked about, found out,
and end up with much to regret!
And as for being a compulsive liar,
the reputation is yours to possess! 

(C) Copyright Tricia Hague-Barrett 22-04-1994

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