Unity of Prophets (Manifestations)

Courtesy of TizArt Studios

In response to thy request the Pen of Glory (one of the titles of Baha’u’llah) hath graciously described the stations and grades of the Most Great Infallibility. The purpose is that all should know of a certainty that the Seal of the Prophets (Muḥammad) —may the souls of all else but Him be offered up for His sake—is without likeness, peer or partner in His Own station. The Holy Ones (The Imáms) — may the blessings of God be upon them—were created through the potency of His Word, and after Him they were the most learned and the most distinguished among the people and abide in the utmost station of servitude. The divine Essence, sanctified from every comparison and likeness, is established in the Prophet, and God’s inmost Reality, exalted above any peer or partner, is manifest in Him. This is the station of true unity and of veritable singleness. The followers of the previous Dispensation grievously failed to acquire an adequate understanding of this station. The Primal Point (The Bab) —may the life of all else but Him be offered up for His sake—saith: ‘If the Seal of the Prophets had not uttered the word “Successorship”, such a station would not have been created.’

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