A Call-In To Prayer



What is “A Call-In to Prayer”?


“A Call-In to Prayer” is a phone-in devotional for peace, unity and healing.  These are recordings of words and prayers from the Baha’i sacred writings. Each recording is about 8 to 10 minutes in length.  All the prayers are different even if the categories are same.  


The prayers can be accessed 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.  The Prayers are very powerful and truly exert their influence on the world.  Check this site to check for updates. 


These are created and hosted by Loren Ritacca.


How Does  Prayer Work?


“If a magnet be held over some iron filings, the latter will fly upwards and cling to it, but this involves no interference with the law of gravitation. The force of gravity continues to act on the filings just as before. What has happened is that a superior force has been brought into play — another force whose action is just as regular and calculable as that of gravity. The Bahá’í view is that prayer brings into action higher forces, as yet comparatively little known;…In the Bahá’í view, the power that brings about answers to prayer is the inexhaustible Power of God. The part of the suppliant is only to exert the feeble force necessary to release the flow or determine the course of the Divine Bounty, which is ever ready to serve those who have learned how to draw upon it.” (Baha’u’llah and the New Era: An Introduction to the Baha’i Faith by J.E. Esslemont.pdf)


Find out more about How Prayer Works here


Recorded Prayers

  • #4 Mankind / Gratitude
  • #7 God’s Will / Spiritual Qualities
  • #8 Mankind / God’s Will
  • #9 Unity / Love for Others
  • #10 Meetings / Protection
  • #11 Mankind / Gratitude
  • #13 Long Healing Prayer – by Baha’u’llah (A special prayer for healing 


How to Use the Service

  1. Call 712-770-4019
  2. Enter Access Code – (711466) then (#)
  3. Input Prayer Reference Number.   (4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, or 13) then (#)


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