Fasting: When You Pray, Do You Wait for the Answer?

The “Fast” is a time of renewal. A time of prayer. It is a wonderful time to ask God, the Most Bountiful, for His assistance in our transformation and guidance in our affairs. When you pray – do you wait for an answer?


“One day a poor widow with several children came to see the doctor. She was very ill, with pains in her stomach, and other doctors had said it was impossible to make her better. When the doctor examined her he too found that there was no medical treatment he could give her which could cure her. 


“Anna,” the doctor asked her, “are you a Christian?”


“Yes, doctor.”


“Do you pray?”


“Yes, doctor,” she answered again.


“Do you wait for an answer?”


” I don’t know what you mean,” she replied, with a puzzled look at the doctor.


“Well,” explained the doctor, “suppose I was a stranger who came knocking at your door and told you I was hungry and needed food. Suppose you said, ‘yes, of course I will give you food,’ but when you came back with something for me to eat you found that I had gone away. What would you think?”


The widow thought for a moment and then smiled. “I should think you weren’t really very hungry.”


You must promise me that when you leave here you will pray again and wait – wait until God answers you.”


Promising to do this, she went away.


A few days later, the doctor called to see how see was. He found her with shining eyes and a happy smile.


“The answer came” she cried. “When I left I prayed on my knees for ten minutes at the side of my bed, and in my heart the answer came. I shall be cured. God said so.”


And that is just what happened. She got better, and lived happily for a long time after.”

— An early American Baha’i, who was a doctor. Stories from Star of the West; Volume 17, page 363

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