DEFRAGGING THE SYSTEM (A kind of metaphor)

As I get older and my brain begins slowing down, my brain, like any old outdated computer, requires a defrag. If we could just plug ourselves into a wall socket and do this we would find ourselves able to get rid of all the unwanted information that has been sitting in parts of our complex computer.


Often our thoughts from our past experiences have become isolated and not easily found in our memories. And in some cases, these thoughts can stay at the forefront of our minds and control our lives. Many of our old thoughts and ideas are built on prejudice, so finding a better way of living with the diverse other un-defragged souls would be of tremendous value I suspect. Of course having room for new information and making sure we have the room required for more ‘up to date’ answers to any given problem would be invaluable. I have been considering the question of how we can have a defrag of our systems once in a while, and get some kind of order in our lives.


While considering this scenario, it occurred to me that this is exactly what God does to humanity every 1000 years or so. He brings to humankind the Perfect Being Who can restructure society and reorganize our characters, our minds, and even our political systems. This is obviously very important especially when the people of the world are confused and their egos are on the loose.


Ok, well I would love to be able to remember where I put things, and find my keys when I need them, to remember the name of a friend long lost to me. My mind takes a little longer to gather up all the bytes of information in my brain these days. “So God, can you defrag my system, please? Oh, and while you are at it, it might help if you could optimize my hard drive as well. Thanks.”

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