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Jeanine H. was born in Houston, Texas, USA when it was not yet the 4th largest city in the nation. While attending Rice University, she became a Baha’i, after long consideration, on the first day of the Fast (despite helpful suggestions from some Baha’is that if she just waited until Naw-Ruz to declare...).

After college, she joined the Peace Corps and served in Togo, West Africa for 5 years. During that time, she got her "Mrs" degree by marrying a fellow volunteer from the States. Part of her service was also spent developing a hands-on health education curriculum with her fellow Peace Corps training group in cooperation with local teachers and experts in tropical medicine. This subject was introduced into public schools at the elementary school level along with a training component. Teachers were taught to present lessons in an experiential, hands-on manner so that students would be able to create nutritious meals, avoid contaminated water sources, understand common disease vectors, and deal with other realities of their daily lives.

Upon returning to the States, she completed her graduate course work in International Health at Purdue University but a move to another state along with the birth of her second child put the kibosh on completing her Master’s thesis. She still refers to this as having 9/10ths of a Master’s degree. She currently lives in Mississippi, USA, and is actively working with youth, junior youth, and local like-minded groups. She is also a trained facilitator for the Bridges out of Poverty program.

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