Twin Holy Birthdays


— Written and Compiled by Dana Paxson, Mel Silva, and Lynette Slaman-Garcia (Download PDF)

A program designed for the Twin Births. Downloadable PDF. Can be read by one person or several. Can be given as one program or two. Can be modified to meet the needs of your event. Three music videos have also been selected and when to incorporate them or you may select your own. Estimated reading time given within the program.  Has been used by several communities with great success. Designed to briefly introduce attendees to the history of the Faith.

Graphic by Joe Paczkowski

Click Here To See Holy Day Program PDF

“This is the month wherein was born He Who beareth the Most Great Name, Whose appearance hath caused the limbs of humankind to quake and the dust of Whose footsteps the Concourse on high and the dwellers of the cities of names have sought for a blessing. Whereupon they rendered praise unto God and cried out in joy and exultation. By God! This is the month through which all other months have been illumined, the month wherein He Who is the hidden Secret and the well-guarded Treasure hath been made manifest and hath called aloud amidst all humankind. All dominion belongeth to this newborn Child through Whom the face of creation hath been wreathed in smiles, and the trees have swayed, and the oceans have surged, and the mountains have taken flight, and Paradise hath lifted its voice, and the Rock hath cried out, and all things have exclaimed, ‘O concourse of creation! Hasten ye towards the dawning-place of the countenance of your Lord, the Merciful, the Compassionate!'”

(Bahá’u’lláh, Má’idiy-i-Ásmání, vol. 4, p. 342, to be published in Days of Remembrance)


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