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Daily Reflection – 7 Jalál (Glory)

April 14 - April 15

“The corner-stone of the foundation of all Bahá’í activity is teaching the Cause. As `Abdu’l-Bahá has categorically proclaimed in His will and Testament, ‘the guidance of the nations and peoples of the world’ is ‘the most important of all things’, and ‘Of all the gifts of God the greatest is the gift of Teaching.’…In the words of the beloved Master, ‘the unseen divine assistance encompasseth those who deliver the Message.’ He thus further states, ‘… if the work of delivering the message be neglected, the assistance shall be entirely cut off, for it is impossible that the friends of God could receive assistance unless they be engaged in delivering the Message.’

“… the following passage from one of the letters of Shoghi Effendi, should be repeatedly presented and explained to the friends:

“He (the individual believer) it is who constitutes the warp and woof on which the quality and pattern of the whole fabric must depend. He it is who acts as one of the countless links in the mighty chain that now girdles the globe. He it is who serves as one of the multitude of bricks which support the structure and insure the stability of the administrative edifice now being raised in every part of the world. Without his support, at once whole-hearted, continuous, and generous, every measure adopted, and every plan formulated, by the body which acts as the national representative of the community to which he belongs, is foredoomed to failure. The World Centre of the Faith itself is paralyzed if such a support on the part of the rank and file of the community is denied it. The Author of The Divine Plan Himself is impeded in His purpose if the proper instruments for the execution are lacking. The sustaining strength of Bahá’u’lláh Himself, the Founder of the Faith, will be withheld from every and each individual who fails in the long run to arise and play his part.”

“When the friends realize that the hosts of the Kingdom are waiting to rush forth and assist them, that others from their own ranks have arisen and have been successful, that everyone can find some effective method of teaching according to his own particular capacities and talents, they will then no doubt arise with greater confidence to take the first step, and this, we know, will be aided and guided from on high, for the very act of striving to respond to God’s call will bring in its wake countless divine blessings.”

(‘Teaching, Guidelines for’ by Bahá’u’lláh, Abdu’l-Bahá, and Shoghi Effendi, compiled by Research Department of the Universal House of Justice. published in Compilation of Compilations, Volume 2, pages 295-327) 1991


April 14
April 15
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