Elika Mahony “Infinite Bounty” – Artist of the Month of Qawl, Interview

Elika Mahony Beijing, China
Elika Mahony
Beijing, China

Vocalist, composer, pianist, and artist, Elika Mahony loves to compose music as well as design and create beautiful products that bring joy to people and enhance their spiritual experience.  Her artistic projects include designing prayer beads from Chinese water pearls, silk prayer book covers, art magnets, beaded bookmarks with inspiring quotations and hand made specialty cards using her original pieces of art with quotations from the Writings of Baha’u’llah. 


Elika Mahony has released 8 albums so far with over 100 songs.  She chooses themes that everyone can identify with and has experienced in life. One of her previous albums, ‘Fire and Gold’, was on the theme of tests and difficulties. For ‘Infinite Bounty’, her 7th album, she chose the theme of detachment, as it is only through detachment that we can rise above our challenges in life.



Elika made a pact with herself when she first started recording her music to always try to set the Writings to music in a way that would inspire the soul and bring the listener closer to their Creator. Bahá’u’lláh encouraged excellence in all things, so she strives to make the music the best it can be. When setting the Writings to music, the Writings should be the focus and the music has to amplify the beauty of the words the way a beautiful frame accentuates a painting. There is a powerful quote from the Bab where He says…

“Whoever possesseth power over anything must elevate it to its uttermost perfection that it not be deprived of its own paradise. For example, the paradise of a sheet of paper on which a few excellent lines are inscribed is that it be refined with patterns of gold illumination, adornment, and excellence that are customary for the most exalted parchment scrolls. Then the possessor of that paper hath elevated it to its utmost degree of glory.”

The above quotation inspires Elika to reach the highest potential for her music.



What brings Elika the greatest joy has been the bounty of setting the Writings to music and being able to share it and inspire others. Music is a wonderful way of memorizing passages from the Bahá’í Writings and it delights her heart to hear that it is being used for that purpose and to know that parents use her music to teach their children to memorize prayers. What moves Elika the most is hearing from others that the music draws them closer to their Beloved and inspires them to develop their higher selves.


Elika has chosen 2 pieces to share with you.  One is titled, ‘The Bird which Soareth’ from the album ‘Fire and Gold’; the second song is titled, ‘Immerse Yourselves’ from the album ‘Infinite Bounty’ which is a gift download on her website when joining her email list.



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Elika Mahony’s Website: elikamahony.com







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