Katia Mzehem, Baha’i Inspired Artist

"Playful Birds!"
“Playful Birds!”
Katia Mzehem
Katia Mzehem

     Born in 2002 in Michigan, Katia Mzehem, age 14, is an emerging young American artist pursuing a career in the Fine Arts of drawing and painting. Influenced by her painter/designer father, Diaa Mzehem, Katia has been drawing and painting since the age of five; selling her first artwork at age six. With a heartfelt and overwhelming love for the diversity of people, Katia’s art portrays the “Oneness of Humanity” through her youthful subjects.   

    Inspiring people’s hearts and capturing their eye with her unique style of depicting young girls with large, beautiful eyes embracing nature in imaginatively peaceful surroundings, Katia’s love for art flows from brush to paper finding life through the use of vivid colors, textures, and semi-abstract techniques. Viewing human beings as “One” with nature, Katia’s youthful, innocent style depicts a deep and profound love and appreciation for Mother Earth.

     Love and oneness with all things are central themes in Katia’s creative depictions and it is her sincere hope to inspire millions around the world with her creative imagination on these topics.  View Gallery…..

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