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The purpose of this forum is to explore the relationship between science and religion. Because the forum was initiated and is maintained by members of the Baha’i Faith, it is natural that it will reflect a Baha’i perspective, but that should not be taken to mean that contribution from any religion is discouraged. Far from it: the intent is to have open and productive dialogue. In order to discuss the relationship between science and religion, it is essential to have an accurate understanding of the fundamentals of both, and it is quite possible that there will be different, and at times incompatible, perspectives. Therefore we have established rules that must be followed. See our General Posting Rules

The Universal House of Justice, the governing body of the Baha’i Faith, has written,

Quote:Religion is religion, as science is science. The one discerns and articulates the values unfolding progressively through Divine revelation; the other is the instrumentality through which the human mind explores and is able to exert its influence ever more precisely over the phenomenal world. The one defines goals that serve the evolutionary process; the other assists in their attainment. Together, they constitute the dual knowledge system impelling the advance of civilization. Each is hailed by the Master as an ‘effulgence of the Sun of Truth’.”

Lynette Wilson, Publisher
Author: Lynette Wilson, Publisher

Lynette grew up in the small Wisconsin town of Boscobel, home of the Gideon Bible. After attending college at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and Platteville achieving an A.A. degree she decided a break was needed n order to figure out which academic discipline she wanted to pursue. While contemplating intensely on her choices she met and married Fernando. Lynette returned to college and studied Small Business Management and Bookkeeping. After several years of working in management she found herself once again meditating on her future. The powers that be answered and she returned to the academic life in pursuit of a double major in Physical and Occupational Therapy. She found time to assist in the Special Resource Center helping quadriplegics and the legally blind in the classroom setting as well as reading for the blind. In the midst of her professional goals she had a difficult pregnancy which temporarily (...so she thought) would interrupt her coursework. She attempted to return to her studies, but the stork visited a second time. After the birth of their daughter, an unwelcomed visitor arrived a year and a half later, Brain Cancer. After 7 years of fighting, Fernando passed away. (2003) This experience...

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