Daily Reflection – 9 Jalál (Glory)

“Fear not,” the Báb’s indomitable Spirit replied: “I am come into this world to bear witness to the glory of sacrifice. You are aware of the intensity of My longing; you realize the degree of My renunciation. Nay, beseech the Lord your God to hasten the hour of My martyrdom and to accept My sacrifice. Rejoice, for both I and Quddús will be slain on the altar of our devotion to the King of Glory. The blood which we are destined to shed in His path will water and revive the garden of our immortal felicity. The drops of this consecrated blood will be the seed out of which will arise the mighty Tree of God, the Tree that will gather beneath its all-embracing shadow the peoples and kindreds of the earth. Grieve not, therefore, if I depart from this land, for I am hastening to fulfil My destiny.” (Dawnbreakers, chapter VII, p. 140-1)

Daily Reflection – 8 Asmá’ (Names)

God in his wisdom has created all things.

Nothing has been created without a special destiny, for every creature has an innate station of attainment.

This flower has been created to mirror forth a harmonious ensemble of color and perfume.

Each kingdom of nature holds potentialities and each must be cultivated in order to reach its fulfillment.

The divine teachers desire man to be educated that he may attain to the high rank of his own reality, the deprivation of which is the rank of perdition.

The flower needs light that it may achieve its fruitage;

man needs the light of the Holy Spirit, and the measure of illumination throughout creation is proportionate to the different kingdoms.

( ‘Abdu’l-Baha, Divine Philosophy, p. 110-111)


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