2 Sultan (Sovereignty)

“O ye believers of God! Be not concerned with the smallness of your numbers, neither be oppressed by the multitude of an unbelieving world. Five grains of wheat will be endued with heavenly blessing, whereas a thousand tons of tares will yield no results or effect. Read more

December 25 (15 Masá’il (Questions)/ 174 BE)

Mahmoud Farshchian

O army of God! Whensoever ye behold a person whose entire attention is directed toward the Cause of God; Read more

Daily Reflection – December 2 (11 Qawl (Speech)/ 174 BE)

imagesInasmuch as human interpretations and blind imitations differ widely, religious strife and disagreement have arisen among mankind, the light of true religion has been extinguished and the unity of the world of humanity destroyed. Read more

Daily Reflection – November 30 (9 Qawl (Speech)/ 174 BE)

hubble-telescope-imagePraise be to God, the Eternal that perisheth not, the Everlasting that declineth not, the Self-Subsisting that altereth not. Read more

Daily Reflection – November 22 (1 Qawl (Speech)/ 174 BE)

by Fairie Goodmother
by Fairie Goodmother


Say: Blessed the slumberer who is awakened by My Breeze. Read more