17 ‘Azamat (Grandeur)

“If any soul speak ill of an absent one, the only result will clearly be this: he will dampen the zeal of the friends and tend to make them indifferent. For backbiting is divisive, it is the leading cause among the friends of a disposition to withdraw. If any individual should speak ill of one who is absent, it is incumbent on his hearers, in a spiritual and friendly manner, to stop him. . . .

“If, however, a person setteth about speaking well of another,opening his lips to praise another, he will touch an answering chordin his hearers and they will be stirred up by the breathings of God.” —(Selections from the Writings of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá 230-31)

LIARS, STORY TELLERS, and GOSSIPS – A Poem By Tricia Hague-Barrett


Stories are told, gossips abound,
backbiting is seen as fun.
Stories unfold, often retold,
embellished on the run. Read more

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