The Rebelliousness of Man – A Poem by Hollow Reed





of Man

-A Poem by Hollow Reed



Living in a world where passion is fashion,
greed is what you need to succeed. 

Honesty has been cleft asunder,
and the rebellion of man resounds like thunder.


Faithfulness and loyalty
have long ago taken their flight, 

And emptiness and loneliness
has filled the world with fright.


The beast walks the plains in the garb of man
with his unquenchable thirst for blood.

While mankind’s Savior sits in His dungeon cell,
chained and shackled in the mud.


And I hear the Earth’s cry, as her atmosphere dies,
and her skies turn from blue to grey.

And the rain doesn’t fall without burning us all,
for now, life just gets in the way.


For the dead are living, and the living are dead,
in a world without a soul.

And what was once called the image of God,
now resides in the blackest of holes!


Hollow Reed shares the dream behind the poem:  
Some years ago I had a very powerful spiritual experience, I had a dream of Who I believe to be Baha’u’llah. He had a very long beard that flowed to His waist, He was chained to both a floor and then a wall. I watched His beard turn white in the dream. I have never seen the picture of Bahá’u’lláh that is in the Holy Land, but, I know this was Him. After I woke up from this dream I had additional experiences that I am not prepared to talk about at this moment. But one of them was I became very inspired and started writing both poetry and prayers.


About Bahá’u’lláh’s 4 months of imprisonment in the Síyáh-Chál:  
“In the Síyáh-Chál, God made known to Bahá’u’lláh His great Station. Wrapped in gloom, breathing the foulest of air, His feet in stocks, and His neck weighed down by a mighty chain, Bahá’u’lláh received the first stirrings of God’s Revelation within His soul. Under these dreadful circumstances, the “Most Great Spirit” revealed itself to Him, bidding Him to arise and speak forth the Word of God…Thus from behind the darkness of the Black Pit rose the Sun of Truth…The Bahá’í Revelation was born. Yet Bahá’u’lláh did not inform anyone of what had occurred. He would await the appointed hour, ordained by God, to make His Mission known.”
(Ruhi Book 4, p. 101-102)


Isaiah’s prophecy about the imprisonment of the Redeemer:
 (prepared by Joel Smith)

“He is despised and rejected of men… he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities… he was taken from prison (Akka) … for he was cut off out of the land of the living… thou shalt make his soul an offering for sin, he shall see his seed (his children), he (God) shall prolong his days.” -Isaiah 53 (KJV)


According to these passages, the Messiah will suffer greatly in prison… so greatly that his friends and family will be astonished by his bruises, his wounds and his marred appearance. Isaiah promises, however, that despite his sufferings, the Messiah will live to see his children and that God “shall prolong his days”… the “redeemer” will have a long life.


Did Baha’u’llah do these things? Yes, he did! (-Joel Smith)


Lynette Wilson, Publisher
Author: Lynette Wilson, Publisher

Lynette grew up in the small Wisconsin town of Boscobel, home of the Gideon Bible. After attending college at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and Platteville achieving an A.A. degree she decided a break was needed n order to figure out which academic discipline she wanted to pursue. While contemplating intensely on her choices she met and married Fernando. Lynette returned to college and studied Small Business Management and Bookkeeping. After several years of working in management she found herself once again meditating on her future. The powers that be answered and she returned to the academic life in pursuit of a double major in Physical and Occupational Therapy. She found time to assist in the Special Resource Center helping quadriplegics and the legally blind in the classroom setting as well as reading for the blind. In the midst of her professional goals she had a difficult pregnancy which temporarily ( she thought) would interrupt her coursework. She attempted to return to her studies, but the stork visited a second time. After the birth of their daughter, an unwelcomed visitor arrived a year and a half later, Brain Cancer. After 7 years of fighting, Fernando passed away. (2003) This experience...

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