Tricia Hague-Barrett: Meeting the Hand of the Cause, Dr. Rahmatu’lláh Muhajir (Part2)

Dr. Raḥmatu’lláh Muhájir (Arabic: رحمةالله مُهاجر‎‎‎; 4 April 1923 – 1979) was a prominent fourth-generation Bahá’í, born in ‘Abdu’l-‘Azím, Iran.  Following is a memory of Dr. Muhajir’s visit to my home in Palmerston North, New Zealand in the 1970’s.  



This quotation from Bahá’u’lláh always reminds me of this gentle soul.


“Whoso ariseth to teach Our Cause must needs detach himself from all
earthly things, and regard, at all times, the triumph of Our Faith as
his supreme objective. This hath, verily, been decreed in the Guarded
Tablet. And when he determineth to leave his home, for the sake of the
Cause of his Lord, let him put his whole trust in God, as the best
provision for his journey, and array himself with the robe of
Thus hath it been decreed by God, the Almighty, the All-Praised.

“If he be kindled with the fire of His love, if he forgoeth all created things,
the words he uttereth shall set on fire them that hear him. Verily,
thy Lord is the Omniscient, the All-Informed. Happy is the man that
hath heard Our 
, and answered Our call. He, in truth, is of them
that shall be brought nigh unto Us.”
 (Bahá’u’lláah, Gleanings from the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh, p. 334)


My Story Begins
I do not remember collecting The Hand of the Cause, Dr. Muhájir,  from the airport in Palmerston North back in the 70’s, though I did pick him up. Nor do I remember how long He was in Palmerston North or anything about community meetings held during his visit with us.  I had married a man who was in opposition to the Faith, (unfortunately I was not aware of this before I married him). I was living at 220 College Street, Palmerston North, and across the road was the famous Hedge House, where several Bahá’í youth were resident.  I was forbidden to have anything to do with the Faith, was monitored on any phone calls about the Faith, and could not receive National Newsletters.  I was on the LSA, but could not attend meetings, however, what does stand out for me, was on the day that he and some other friends visited me at my home.  Out of the blue, they had picked him up and brought him to see me. During the course of the visit, he asked me, about my life, which I shared, and then he asked me a question.  “Is there something in this house that should not be here?” Apart from my husband, I could not think of a single thing for heaven’s sake, I was stumped for words for a few minutes. What on earth could He mean?  He repeated the question, and I was trying hard to think.

Suddenly I remembered. Oh gosh, How did he know?” I wondered. So, I related to him what I had done as Secretary to protect the Bahá’ís in our community. It seems I had indeed forgotten about it. So, as nervous as I was, I informed him, that about 6 months earlier, I had heard that there was a covenant breakers book donated to the Public Library. I figured that I would have to go and get rid of it. I rushed to the Library, and took the book off the shelf, checked it out with the Librarian and took it home without opening it.  I wrapped it up in several layers of old newspapers, cardboard, and wrapping the whole thing in a bit of old sackcloth, I tied it with string, in many different ways, and threw it under my bed where it could gather dust bunnies to its heart’s content, and hopefully be thought of no more. Now, here I was being asked about “something here that should not be here,” and I was terrified of being smacked over the knuckles for having done so. Instead, he asked me to go and get it, unwrap it, take it straight back to the Library, pay the fines, and leave it there.


The next day I did exactly that. With His words ringing in my ears, “More people will become Bahá’ís through that book, than any other,”  I returned it to the Library.   There was much more that he said to me, but alas, I cannot remember anything but this sentence. However, from my understanding, he implied, that people would soon see truth from error when they investigated further. I paid about $16 dollars in late fees, then left it in God’s hands, as obviously, it was not my job to protect the Bahá’ís from these insidious and disunifying forces.


For the following few weeks, things seem to be much easier for me; whether it was a direct result of having gotten “rid” of the book off my premises or not I can only surmise. Until I did this, however, I am now sure that it was the cause of much pain and suffering. Thank God I never read it.


Prayer for The Hands of the Cause

“Light and glory, greeting and praise be upon the Hands of His Cause, through whom the light of fortitude hath shone forth and the truth hath been established that the authority to choose rests with God, the Powerful, the Mighty, the Unconstrained, through whom the ocean of bounty hath surged and the fragrance of the gracious favors of God, the Lord of mankind, hath been diffused.  We beseech Him—exalted is He—to shield them through the power of His hosts, to protect them through the potency of His dominion, and to aid them through His indomitable strength which prevaileth over all created things.  Sovereignty is God’s, the Creator of the heavens and the Lord of the Kingdom of Names.” (Bahá’u’lláh, Tablets of Bahá’u’lláh, pg. 83, ‘Lawh-I-Dunyá’ [Tablet of the World])

Tricia Hague-Barrett
Author: Tricia Hague-Barrett

Tricia Hague-Barrett Is a New Zealand Bahá'í and applied for membership in 1973. She has served in many capacities, including as Public Relations Officer and was appointed an Archivist in 3 communities. She has served on several Spiritual Assemblies. She is a published author and poet, has written an Autobiography, and she has helped produce and been one of the voices on “Bahá’iTime” on Community Radio. She has created several video presentations for YouTube. Tricia studied art with The Learning Connexion in Wellington, NZ receiving a Diploma of Art & Creativity. An artist with multiple talents in Pottery, Sculpting, Painting, chanting and other arts, she has also tutored art with little children as well as adults. She was invited to go to the Marshall Islands to help create 52 radio programs based on the Hidden Words of Bahá’u’lláh (2004) Her love of art has seen her create posters, pamphlets, and articles during her lifetime, and of course many other things to help further the Cause of Bahá’u’lláh. A mother of 5, grandmother of 12, and a great grandmother of 2.

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