Daily Reflections

Thought provoking passages from Baha’i Writings!

9 Sultan (Sovereignty)
Morning "There is no excuse for believers continuing to associate with ... and those who, knowing everything, still insist on ...
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8 Sultan (Sovereignty)
Furthermore, although all created things grow and develop, yet are they subjected to influences from without. For instance, the sun ...
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7 Sultan (Sovereignty)
“The contingent world is the source of imperfections: God is the origin of perfections. The imperfections of the contingent world ...
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6 Sultan (Sovereignty)
Morning “One of the proofs and demonstrations of the existence of God is the fact that man did not create ...
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5 Sultan (Sovereignty)
Morning: "It is known and clear that today the unseen divine assistance encompasseth those who deliver the Message ...
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4 Sultan (Sovereignty)
“Great is the station of man. Great must also be his endeavours for the rehabilitation of the world and the ...
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3 Sultan (Sovereignty)
"O thou maid-servant of God! Whenever thou art intending to deliver a speech, turn thy face toward the Kingdom of ...
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