Daily Reflections

Thought provoking passages from Baha’i Writings!

Daily Reflection -14 Asmá’ (Names)
The Bab, the Primal Point of a new creation, brought humanity into a new division of time in a calendar ...
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Daily Reflection -13 Asmá’ (Names)
Every discerning observer will recognize that in the Dispensation of the Qur'an both the Book and the Cause of Jesus ...
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Daily Reflection -12 Asmá’ (Names)
The effort required is prodigious, the conditions under which these preliminary establishments are to be made are often unattractive and ...
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Daily Reflection -11 Asmá’ (Names)
The field is indeed so immense, the period so critical, the Cause so great,the workers so few, the time so ...
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Daily Reflection - August 28 (10 Asmá’ (Names)/ 174 BE)
"Know thou, of a truth," He [Baha'u'llah] significantly affirms, "these great oppressions that have befallen the world are preparing it ...
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Daily Reflection - 9 Asmá’ (Names)
This rectitude of conduct, with its implications of justice, equity, truthfulness, honesty, fair-mindedness, reliability, and trustworthiness, must distinguish every phase ...
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Daily Reflection - 8 Asmá’ (Names)
God in his wisdom has created all things. Nothing has been created without a special destiny, for every creature has ...
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Daily Reflection - 7 Asmá’ (Names)
The third Taraz concerneth good character. A good character is, verily, the best mantle for men from God. With it ...
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