Daily Reflections

Thought provoking passages from Baha’i Writings!

December 25 (15 Masá’il (Questions)/ 174 BE)
O army of God! Whensoever ye behold a person whose entire attention is directed toward the Cause of God; ...
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Say: If it be Our pleasure We shall render the Cause victorious through the power of a single word from ...
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December 24 (14 Masá’il (Questions)/ 174 BE)
I have known Thee by Thy making known unto me that Thou art unknowable to anyone save Thyself ...
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by Leonid Afremov
Consider the eagerness with which certain peoples and nations have anticipated the return of Imam-Husayn, whose coming, after the appearance ...
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Mahmoud Farshchian
Blessed the ear that hath heard and the tongue that hath borne witness and the eye that hath seen and ...
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by Fairie Goodmother
Morning Say: Blessed the slumberer who is awakened by My Breeze ...
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by Furcy de Lavault
The whole duty of man in this Day is to attain that share of the flood of grace which God ...
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by Gary Jenkins
Say: God sufficeth unto me; He is the One Who holdeth in His grasp the kingdom of all things ...
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