19 Sharaf (Honour)

“…If a small number of people gather lovingly together, with absolute purity and sanctity, Read more

12 Sharaf (Honour) 174 BE


“It is clear from the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh, as well as from those of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá and the interpretations of the Guardian, that the proper functioning of human society requires the preservation of ranks and classes within its membership. Read more

January 9/11 Sharaf (Honour) 174 BE

Should they attempt to conceal His light on the continent, Read more

9 Sharaf (Honour) 174 BE

“By God besides Whom is none other God! Read more

6 Sharaf (Honour) 174 BE

Image: Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings cover by Michael Whelan

“By the righteousness of God,” Bahá’u’lláh wishing to reveal the full potency of His invincible power asserts, “should a man, all alone , arise in the name of Bahá Read more

5 Sharaf (Honour) 174 BE

“It is in Our power, should We wish it, to enable a speck of floating dust to generate, in less than the twinkling of an eye, suns of infinite, of unimaginable splendor, Read more

4 Sharaf (Honour) 174 BE

“This is the most great, the most joyful tidings imparted by the Pen of this Wronged One to mankind. Read more

3 Sharaf (Honour) 174 BE

“Let not your hearts be perturbed, O people, when the glory of My Presence is withdrawn, and the ocean of My utterance is stilled. In my presence amongst you there is a wisdom, and in My absence there is yet another, inscrutable to all but God, the Incomparable, the All-Knowing. Read more

2 Sharaf (Honour) 174 BE


Our greatest efforts must be directed towards detachment from the things of the world; we must strive to become more spiritual, more luminous, to follow the counsel of the Divine Teaching, Read more

December 30 / 1 Sharaf (Honour) 174 BE


“God’s purpose is none other than to usher in, in ways He alone can bring about, and the full significance of which He alone can fathom, the Great, the Golden Age of a long-divided, a long-afflicted humanity. Read more

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