TO FULFILL A DREAM (2004) – By Tricia Hague-Barrett

TO FULFILL A DREAM (2004) – By Tricia Hague-Barrett
Recording radio programs for Marshall Islands, 2004.

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Roar of Jets brings home realities of War – Tricia Hague-Barrett 1983

Viewpoint – Tricia Hague-Barrett (Hughes) 16 Dec 1983

(First published in Timaru Herald, New Zealand)

There I was up the ladder minding my own business painting my lounge walls with a lovely bamboo color thinking of the colors that I should like to see in the other rooms in our first home when the sound of an aeroplane overhead nearly had me flat on my back with the paint tray tipped over me.  

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Murals as symbols of solidarity, resilience – BWNS

June 4 2017 Education is not a Crime 

Latest news article by the Baha’i World News Services


“NEW YORK, United States — Marthalicia Matarrita is a Latina artist from New York City. Although her life is a world away from Iran, Ms. Matarrita’s artwork connected her with Education is Not a Crime, a street art campaign to raise awareness of the denial of education to Baha’i students in Iran.


“It is a formally instituted state policy of the Iranian government to ban the Baha’is, Iran’s largest religious minority, from teaching and studying in universities.” – Read the full article featured by the Baha’i World News Service here 

The Watchmaker and the Hurricane – by Iain Palin

[Image: The-Watchmaker.jpg]

The Watchmaker and the Hurricane are two flawed arguments commonly used against the scientifically-accepted model of evolution.
The Watchmaker Argument has a long history but its best known example, which gives it its name, was set out by William Paly in his 1802 book “Natural Theology”. Read more

From Concealment: Twin Revelations and a Biological Metaphor

Images used with permission from the BIC Copyright © Bahá’í International Community


The nascent world civilization set forth in the vision and writings of Bahá’u’lláh, Author of the Bahá’í Faith, may be seen as a unitary living organism, unprecedented, unparalleled, and incomparable, of global scope, of evolving perfection, and of transcendent and enduring power. Until the coming of the Báb in 1844, ushering in the appearance of Bahá’u’lláh to the world’s eyes in 1863, this inconceivable organism lay concealed, encoded, encrypted in the divine realm from which its generating pattern was at last unfolded.   Read more

The Desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the Rose – Isaiah


Shrine of the Bab. Mount Carmel, Haifa, Israel. ‘Photo by Marco Abrar’

Speaking of the One that will come, The Holy One of Israel who will work the wonders foretold in the last day… Read more

God, The True Artist – Tricia Hague-Barrett 2017

Taking up a brush not so long ago, with an empty canvas before me, I pondered awhile about the way in which a painting comes into life. My mind wandered as I contemplated putting the brush to the canvas. “What is the process?” I wondered.  Drifting off into a sort of dream world, I visualized completing my painting.  As thoughts came to mind, and as I changed colors, new concepts sparked off new thoughts. Read more

Mr. G. V. Tehrani’s visit to Palmerston North, New Zealand 1975-1976

Mr. G. V. Tehrani’s visit to Palmerston North, New Zealand 1975-1976 

This is a personal account of what I experienced as a relatively new Bahá’í in Palmerston North in or around 1976. I had just come home from having gallbladder surgery along with removal of my appendix. I had 9 stitches down the front of my tummy, so could not move very well. I had been home a couple of days when the Bahá’ís brought Mr. Tehrani to meet me, as I was sick and he had asked if there were any sick Bahá’ís in the community that he could visit. I remember the car pulling up outside my house at 220 College Street, and I stood up to see who it was, and saw this elderly gentleman get out of the car, and start walking very slowly up my footpath. He was still approaching as I opened the front door, and was bowing low with each footstep. I stood there and bowed to him also, at least twenty times, as if compelled involuntarily and boy, did it hurt my healing incision site.

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An Important Naw-Ruz Moment!

Shrine of the Bab-Photo by Marco Abrar

Remembering an important Naw-Rúz
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Creative Juices – by Tricia Hague Barrett

Creative Juices – by Tricia Hague-Barrett

Have you ever wondered where the ideas come from when you suddenly have a great idea for a painting or design, a poster, or artwork, be it a new pattern for a knitting project, or some other medium, one that you seem to be able to design yourself out of thin air?  I would like to share some of my thoughts on this topic.   Before I do however, I have a fascination with chains and prisons, and many of my works are symbolic of that.  The prison of self has always intrigued me, so I have painted these in their many forms. [Sorry, I digress]

`Abdu’l-Bahá tells us that the next world is within this world.  Let me find that quote: Read more