The Mission of the Prophets: Their Unique Contribution to the Ever-Unfolding Faith of God – by Tricia Hague-Barrett

1000 Suns -by Tricia Hague Barrett

We are so excited to make available this informative and educational  powerpoint presentation by Tricia Hague-Barrett.  Read more

First Thousand Years of the Baha’i (Badi) Calendar

Joe Paczkowski Graphic Artwork

The Bahá’í calendar, also called the Badí‘ calendar (badí‘ means wondrous or unique), is a solar calendar with years composed of 19 months of 19 days each (361 days) plus an extra period of “Intercalary Days”. Read more

Visualising the relationship between science and religion – by Iain Palin

  Read more

Agnosticism and Atheism – Steven Jay Gould

Stephen Jay Gould

Stephen Jay Gould


The best definition that I have found of agnosticism and atheism is this: Read more

Progressive Revelation and Thermodynamics as evidence of an infinite God – by Mike Moum

Thermodynamics is the “science of the relationship between heat, work, temperature, and energy. In broad terms, thermodynamics deals with the transfer of energy from one place to another and from one form to another.” (1) Although it’s a physical theory, strictly speaking, it seems to apply to other systems as well, including social. At first glance it might not seem to have any relationship to the Baha’i notion of progressive revelation, but upon closer examination of its first two laws, we can see that it does. Read more

Science and the Scientific Method – by Iain Palin

The harmony of science and religion is a key principle of the Bahá’í Faith so it’s important to know how science goes about trying to understand our physical world – the Scientific Method. Read more

All Things Baha’i New Science and Religion Study Group on Facebook!


We have launched our new Facebook study group ‘All Things Baha’i Exploration in Science and Religion‘. Hope to see you there!

Check out our Science and Religion section on our Online Discussion Forum!


NSA of the Baha’is of the US re May 12 Congressional Call-in 04282017

Image courtesy of

The call–in campaign will occur on May 12, 2017.  We have provided a downloadable PDF of the letter from National here.  

20170428 NSA re May 12 Congressional Call-in PDF file

Ridván Message 2017

The Seat of the Universal House of Justice on Mount Carmel. Copyright © Bahá’í International Community

All Things Baha’i staff wishes you a Happy 1st Day of Ridvan!  We have attached the 2017 Ridvan Message from the Universal House of Justice to the Baha’is of the World for reading, sharing and download in English, French and Spanish.


English Version PDF


French Version PDF


Spanish Version PDF


Agency and Mechanism – by Mike Moum

Some of the conflicted thinking about evolution in particular, and science in general, is a consequence of what logicians refer to as “category error”, which is treating two different things as though they were the same. A mundane example will help to illustrate the point. Read more

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