Arabic Calligraphy Art Work by Diaa Mzehem

“Followers of the Gospel,” Bahá’u’lláh addressing the whole of Christendom exclaims, “behold the gates of heaven are flung open. Read more

And Why Not? – A memorable experience in art! by Tricia Hague Barrett


Never would I have ever thought that I would be teaching children art.  This was not even in my radar in the beginning. Read more

Tricia Hague-Barrett – Artist of the Month of Kalimat (Words) & Interview

All Things Baha’i sat down with Tricia Hague-Barrett to ask her about her life, art and Faith.  Full interview here.


Jalaliyyih Quinn – Artist of the Month of Núr (Light) Interview

Photograph taken by Maureen Burkhart 2006

I was introduced to Jalaliyyih’s paintings through Facebook.  I knew right away that she had somehow tapped into the beauty of the next world.  She seemed to be painting from a place most people could not reach while living.  Her images portray a spiritual playground where the souls in the spiritual world still interact with the material world and magically depicts the forces that act upon the universe we live in. I am excited to introduce you to Jalaliyyih Quinn and her artwork.  The following is Jalaliyyih’s Interview.



Leonard Ericks, Artist of the Month ‘Jalal’

‘The Break of Dawn’ by Leonard Ericks
Leonard Ericks

Leonard Ericks, All Things Baha’i Artist of the Month, Jalal “Glory”.


An Interview with artist and teacher, Leonard Ericks.  We are happy to debut Leonard’s latest painting, ‘The Break of Dawn’ inspired by the twin births of the Bab and Baha’u’llah.  All Things Baha’i interviews Leonard and shares several artworks.  We invite you to learn more about Leonard and his art. 

Interview and Gallery Here

Katia Mzehem, Baha’i Inspired Artist

"Playful Birds!"
Playful Birds!”

  Katia Mzehem is a 14 year old aspiring American painter who is inspired by the relationship between mankind and nature.  Her colorful creations portrait this loving bond through the compassionate rendering of a young girl with God’s creatures.  

Meet Katia and view her paintings!


Creative Juices – by Tricia Hague Barrett

Creative Juices – by Tricia Hague-Barrett

Have you ever wondered where the ideas come from when you suddenly have a great idea for a painting or design, a poster, or artwork, be it a new pattern for a knitting project, or some other medium, one that you seem to be able to design yourself out of thin air?  I would like to share some of my thoughts on this topic.   Before I do however, I have a fascination with chains and prisons, and many of my works are symbolic of that.  The prison of self has always intrigued me, so I have painted these in their many forms. [Sorry, I digress]

`Abdu’l-Bahá tells us that the next world is within this world.  Let me find that quote: Read more

Joe Paczkowski – Artist of the Month of Masa’il





JOE PACZKOWSKI, Baha’i Inspired Graphic Artist

Click here for Interview and Gallery 


Joe Paczkowski

Joe Paczkowski is a digital artist from Boston, Massachusetts.  He has been residing in Finland for over 30 years and is married with one son. Having no formal training in art of even computers, he currently works in commercial graphic design and production. Joe hopes to be able to produce beautiful books based on compilations of Baha’i writings in the coming year. 


You can view and purchase Joe’s digital art here:


All Things Baha’i interviews Joe about his art and inspiration.  Read our interview HERE!

Read more

Elika Mahony “Elika Arts” and “Nightingale Creations”


Baha’i Artist for the Month of Qawl

If you are interested in purchasing or listening to more about Elika Mahony music and songs with vocals click HERE!


Elika Mahony
Elika Mahony

Vocalist, composer, pianist, and artist, Elika Mahony loves to compose music as well as design and create beautiful products that bring joy to people and enhance their spiritual experience.  Her artistic projects include designing prayer beads from Chinese water pearls, silk prayer book covers, art magnets, beaded bookmarks with inspiring quotations and hand made specialty cards using her original pieces of art with quotations from the Writings of Baha’u’llah.  Read more

Elika Mahony latest single “Hold Thou My Hand” & Interview

Elika Mahony’s new single “Hold Thou My Hand” is an enchanting tribute to Abdu’l-Baha and is based on a Persian poem by Dr. Habíb Mu’ayyid.The exquisite vocals and beautiful instrumentals inspire and uplift the soul.

The single can be purchased and downloaded here.
To discover more about Elika and her music and art, our
interview with Elika Mahony











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