Fire & Diamonds – Poem by Tricia Hague-Barrett 2017

Tricia Hague-Barrett May 2017
“Fire & Diamonds”



We must recognize that under duress,
                                            great things are born.
Diamonds form in molten rock.
                    Gold is tested in the fire.


The sweetest flowers of man’s spirit
                                           have often been watered by tears.
To struggle gives strength –
                    to endure breeds greater capacity for endurance.
We must not run away from the heartbreaks in life – 
                                           we must go through them
                                            however fiery they may be,
                                           and bring with us out of the fire
                                           a stronger character,
                                           a deeper reliance on ourselves
                                           and on the Creator Who,
                                           like a good parent, chastises us
                                                                         because He loves us.

We must realize that the pain is worth
                    the prize that can be won.



This is indeed a power world,
                                          and great forces are at play.
                                          The sun, the wind, the rain,
                                          night and day,
                                          they are big things-
                                          powerful things,
making powerful changes in the land – 
                   removing old scars and
                                         bringing new ones.



Electricity and gravitation
                  are strong forces forging the earth
                                         with all it’s beauty, life and growth.
We human beings
                  are subjected to strong forces too;
                                         love, hate, passion, fear, sorrow, pain-
                                         each acting on us, spurring us on,
                                         developing those qualities giving us colour;
Why should we want to shun and abolish
                  factors that bring out the best in us,
that tempers our steel;
                 teaching us to value happiness
                                        as its true worth?


Can a man who has never been hungry
                 in all his life know what a piece of bread means,
                                       savor all its sweetness as can a man who has starved?


So, when trouble comes your way,
                 think about what qualities
                                     you may need to develop for this given situation,
                                       it may be a quality needed
                                       without our even knowing.


The End

Copyright ©Tricia Hague-Barrett 1993