Ant-like Strengths – Poem by Tricia Hague-Barrett (1993)


An ant carries its large load across the cracks
In the path on its way homeward

Nothing gets in his way
Nothing prevents him from succeeding
He finds a way over ravines
over and around large boulders
navigating through tall grasses
and tall trees

If only “I” could have seen the end in the beginning
Where struggles are frequent but passable

Testing but not breaking my resolve to give in
To the desperate feelings of loneliness, tiredness

Ant-like, I too have to learn to carry the heavy loads
The Teaching loads, the Administrative loads

Working alone and sometimes in groups
Studying, deepening, teaching, and serving

Carrying my loads across potholes, ditches, mountains
Through distant valleys of calmness and pain


The highs and lows of emotional exhaustion
shunning the need to give up and go rest awhile

Turbulent tests, each a stumbling stone
Causing me to waver and fall, and to give up


  But then I remember the “Why”
God allowed me to see 
the bigger picture


Once again, I pick up the heaviest loads, and
set out once more, struggling just as before

Knowing that Each test is there to guide me 
Like guardian angels, each one assisting me


To raise the Sun in my mornings thoughts
and to herald the Dawn of The New Day