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TEACHING in the 70’s in NZ – Tricia Hague-Barrett
Teaching has always been uppermost in my mind and has been all of my Bahá’í life.
Back in the late 70’s, I remember the following incident while attempting to teach the Faith in Christchurch, New Zealand.
On numerous  occasions, I would try to think of unusual ways to attract the hearts of the sincere. One such idea that sprung to mind, was getting my kids off to school and then hopping on a city-bound bus and traveling around and around the city several times each day. Of course, I carried with me the book “Bahá’í World Faith” and sometimes I would open up the book and actually read something, however, I often just placed it strategically on my lap so that whoever sat beside me would see it.  I would then just stare out the window and wait for someone to ask if they could have a look at the book.   Read more

Mr. G. V. Tehrani’s visit to Palmerston North, New Zealand 1975-1976

Mr. G. V. Tehrani’s visit to Palmerston North, New Zealand 1975-1976 

This is a personal account of what I experienced as a relatively new Bahá’í in Palmerston North in or around 1976. I had just come home from having gallbladder surgery along with removal of my appendix. I had 9 stitches down the front of my tummy, so could not move very well. I had been home a couple of days when the Bahá’ís brought Mr. Tehrani to meet me, as I was sick and he had asked if there were any sick Bahá’ís in the community that he could visit. I remember the car pulling up outside my house at 220 College Street, and I stood up to see who it was, and saw this elderly gentleman get out of the car, and start walking very slowly up my footpath. He was still approaching as I opened the front door, and was bowing low with each footstep. I stood there and bowed to him also, at least twenty times, as if compelled involuntarily and boy, did it hurt my healing incision site.

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Unknotting the Ties – by Tricia Hague-Barrett

UnKnotting the Ties By Tricia Hague-Barrett 2017
Our Spiritual Genealogy

I was sent my spiritual genealogy by my spiritual grandmother Karin Ferguson, who was a pioneer to Belize a few years ago, and this has inspired me to try to encourage  others to find out their own spiritual genealogy.  The “Who Taught Who” concept has me wondering how we are going to make it possible for Archivists of the future to put together the information of the early believers.  It never occurred to me to look at this without this message from her for it would have been too hard for me personally to trace back through these souls from way down here in New Zealand.
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